Monday, August 29, 2011

Leather bags in the shop!

Nos 000012, 000013 & 000014 have been added to the shop.  All three are the classic roll-style chef knife bag, each in one of the leathers I offer right now.  From back to front in the pictures below, they are a 6.5oz Oiled Russet Brown Cowhide Leather, a 2-3oz Deer-tanned Saddle Tan Cowhide Leather and a 3.5oz Vegetable Tanned Dark Brown Calf Leather.  These bags are all exactly the same size but they are very different from each of the leathers weight, firmness and tanning process.  You can see the difference each of the leathers makes in the character and final shape of the bag.  Let's call them the fraternal triplets. 

I am offering each one at $190 plus shipping which is a bargain for a hand-stitched high quality leather bag, especially a specialty bag.  I hope you like what you see, there will be lots more shop updates this week and next week.  Lots more variety to see very soon.  And not just for chefs either...hint hint!  Also, I have decided to lower the price of the wool felt backpack and messenger bags already in my shop by $10 to entice you a little more.  Go get em!

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