Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Leathers and Felt In Stock

 One of the main reasons it is taking time to add ready to ship bags to the shop is that I am still nailing down the leather selection.  I would much rather have 2 or 3 leathers that I am really happy with than tons that are just ok.  That being said, I just got some new pieces in that I think are going to be pretty great.  

First, we have a Vegetable Tanned Calf Leather in a rich dark brown.  It is 3.5oz in weight, super soft (Calf!) but still will provide bags with a firm structure and is reallllllly luxurious.  It has a nice subtle, natural surface grain.

Second, there is a heavier 6oz Oil Tanned Russet Brown Leather.  This heavier leather will make some nice beefy bags and has a smooth, slick surface texture because of the oiling process.  The flesh side (reverse side) of this leather is also much slicker than normal.

Also, I am pleased to add an adventurous bright red-orange felt to the Beef & Lamb line-up.  For those who want a pop of color, wool felt in Persimmon is just the thing to order.  It looks great on its own or combined with any of the other materials in smaller doses.

Right now I am working on a few custom orders and getting some leather bags ready to add to the shop.  I know this is taking some time, pictures will be coming soon!  Very soon, hang tight.

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