Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Envelopes

I've had a pretty productive past couple of days/weeks and have lots of new things added to my growing list of designs.  Today I've added several new wallet designs to the shop as well as added some existing designs in new material options.    Each is a different version of an envelope style created simply by folding continuous pieces of leather and closing them with an easy to use collar button.  I love this style for is classic looks and its simplicity to use.  It really is a pleasure to have the experience of using your hands to fold, press and carry these styles.  

Here we have five different designs, each in a Pebbled Reddish-Brown Leather and in a Dark Golden Brown Leather.  From top to bottom and left to right, we have the new Business Writing Portfolios, more versions of the Document Portfolios, my new women's wallet - a Clutch Envelope, my new unisex wallet - a Small Envelope, and my new Coin Purse.  Each of these items is now available in the shop and ready to ship.  Unfortunately, I made a huge mistake in sewing the Business Writing Portfolios and those are not available yet.  Hey, I am human.  They will look exactly like the ones in the pictures except without the short horizontal lines of sewing and should be up in the shop in a few short days. 

I am really digging each of these new leathers too.  They will both be a part of my regular leather offering.  Both are oiled leathers, which makes them waterproof and long-wearing.  Perfect for hard-wearing utilitarian items.  Both are also pull-up leathers which change character when you manipulate them but return to their original look with a little time or some buffing.  Pretty cool stuff.  The Pebbled Leather is a classic richly textured reddish brown that turns smooth and golden red when bent.  The Dark Brown Leather is super smooth, slick and has that classic oiled leather feel to it.  I can't help but think of seals when I am working with it.  When it bends, it lightens and takes on a lovely golden hue.  Check out the listings in my shop for more pictures and descriptions of each of these new items! 

Also on my plate, I have been working on designs for classic tool rolls (think the Stage bag without a strap and in different sizes)  and two different designs for laptop bags right now. I've also got some exciting news to report soon on being able to personalize items.  New designs, more new designs, new leathers, new techniques.  Whew.  So check back soon.  Exciting times, I tell ya.

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