Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Item: Large Tool Rolls

Like the chef knife bags that I create but looking for something a little more basic and pared down?  Look no further, Large Tool Rolls are (finally) here!  They are similar in style to the Stage Roll-Style Bag but with a few tweaks.

The first is that there is no strap or handle, this is something that you just carry in your hand. Perfect for those who carry their favorite knife to work rolled up in their jacket.  You know who you are. 

The large tool roll has a single flap that folds over the tools to make sure they don't touch when rolled up.  It secures in place with collar buttons, which are simple, clean and easy to use.  The whole thing rolls up from each side and secures with two buckles.

These bags are faster for me to make and use less materials, making them a more economical alternative to a bag.  The Large Tool Roll in the shop right now is in Milk Chocolate Calf Leather.  (I also added a Stage Bag in the same leather today.)  Remember that I also make the Small Tool Roll which is great for holding shorter items.  I will have both sizes in more leather and wool felt options in the shop soon.

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