Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cyclists Chefs

Two of my favorite things.  I think this sling solves a lot of issues those cycling to work and carrying chef knives face.  This sling backpack style bag has just enough space for three knives or tools and maybe some clothes to change into. 

 Like the rest of my bags, it opens up flat for ease of use.  There are three 3" wide knife/tool slots that get covered by a piece of felt, then rolled up and tied for security.

The bag zips up the sides and buckles over the top.  A single adjustable strap spans across the front of the chest.  The whole bag measures about 12" wide at the base, 6" wide at the top and is about 18" long (which spans the diagonal of your back).  Lightweight and small, it fits snugly on your back.  My idea of cycling perfection. But more importantly, what do YOU think?

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