Sunday, July 10, 2011

Leather Work in Progress

The leather bags are a work in progress but are moving forward steadily.  I will have some finished bags in my shop shortly for you to see.  In the meantime, to better give you an idea of how my leather swatches are morphing into bags, here are a few shots of each of the leathers on their way to being the Stage roll-style chef knife bag.

 From top to bottom: Mocha, Carbon, Dark Chocolate, British Tan Vecchio, Saddle Tan.  You can see how each of the leathers folds differently because of their different thicknesses and bodies.

 Mocha Closeup:  Nubuck surface texture is very fine, soft and subtle.  I brushed my hand on the area in the lower right corner of the photo to change the texture and color ever so slightly.

 Carbon Closeup: Almost black, this leather is also very soft but with a natural grain finish, the texture of Carbon varies slightly.  The area near the zipper  is extreme and very rare on this leather, but makes for nice contrast.  Note: the closeup photo is more color accurate on my screen than the group pictures.

 Dark Chocolate Suede Closeup: A pure dark brown, this is a classic and sturdy suede that is very uniform.
 British Tan Vecchio Closeup: This is a classic pullup leather that changes character when is is folded and bent.  Shiny and slick, it always looks sharp and polished.

Saddle Tan Closeup: This deer-tanned cowhide is super soft and relaxed looking.  This is a shot of the bag I have personally been using and although it is relatively young, it already looks broken in with lots of character. 

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