Friday, July 1, 2011

Materials Preview: Leathers

The first round of Mushroom & Charcoal felt bags is about to be posted in my Etsy Store and the leather will follow soon after that, so i thought I would give you a little preview of the five leathers I have available now.

From left to right and top to bottom, Saddle Tan, Soft Black, Mocha Brown, British Tan Vecchio and Dark Chocolate Suede.  All are cowhides and they each have their own unique characteristics which will reflect in the style each bag develops.  They have been arranged in order of softness, from more drapey to very structured.  Bags made out of the Saddle Tan or Soft Black will be more relaxed and casual looking while bags made out of the British Tan Vecchio or Dark Chocolate Suede will have lots more structure and polish.  The Mocha Brown seems to be the perfect middle road between the two groups.

Next I will get you a preview of my hardware selection.  Time for me to get back to work, I have bags to produce!

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