Thursday, June 23, 2011

Style Preview: 'Traveler' Chef Knife Messenger Bag

The 'Traveler' Chef Knife Bag is a large cross-body messenger style bag that is designed to accommodate those who need to carry around lots of knives.

The Traveler is similar to the backpack in style on the exterior, but utilizes a shoulder strap rather than backpack straps.  When its opens up flat, it  features both sides of the bag with four knife slots each and elastic straps again for your extras.  Each side is stiffened with an additional layer of felt and an adjustable strap to hold your knives in place.  The two sides fold on top of each other, so the knife pouches have been placed on opposite ends.  Don't worry your precious babies will not touch each other.  Think of this as a large knife binder.  If you are one of those people that carry around a special knife for every kind of job imaginable, I call you prepared for anything.  You are proud to be addicted to your knives and this is the bag for you.

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