Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Combination of Skills

I have sewn my entire life.  I initially learned to sew through encouragement from my mother and my grandmothers.  Over the years, I have picked it up, left it behind, wondered what new things I could potentially make.  Recently, I have begun to make nearly all of my clothing, and I spend a majority of my free time sewing.  I have developed my sewing skills through lots of practice, a slight case of perfectionism and a drive to improve my technical execution of various techniques. 

As my day (that actually happens at night) job, I am a cook at a restaurant.  Basically, I make food.  Before doing this, I was an architect.  Here I go again, making things.  You could say I have an interest in detail and how things are put together.  Figuring out complex ideas, simplifying them, streamlining them, making them better, more functional, more attractive, tastier, better fitting. I find that these three fields have a lot more overlap than one might initially expect.

The other day at work we were talking about chef bags and our thoughts about them.  My brain began to spin just thinking about the possibilities of bags that I could make.  I started asking the people I knew how they felt about their particular bag and what they would want out of an ideal bag.  I began drawing up patterns for various bags to make.  And the idea for Beef & Lamb was born: practical, functional chef bags made out of luscious, durable materials.

Pictures will be posted soon and bags will be sold through Etsy at beefandlamb.

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