Thursday, June 23, 2011

Style Preview: 'Commuter' Chef Knife Backpack

The 'Commuter' Chef Knife Backpack is another style of bag that will be offered in both leather and wool felt.  Perfect for those of us who commute to work by bike, bus, subway, etc and who have extra things to carry like clothing items.  It is also a good option for pastry chefs and students who have lots of odds and ends to carry around that don't fit into standard pouches.

This is a large pack that on the exterior is a similar design to a standard backpack. it has two adjustable straps and zips down the sides, opening up to lay flat.  There are four divisions in the flat pouch for your main tools and taut elastic across the front of the pouch to carry extras, just like the Stage roll-style bag.  A flat adjustable strap near the top of the bag holds everything securely.  An additional layer of felt stiffens the back side of the pack.  What makes this one different is that the opposite side of the bag features a large zippered pocket (12" x 17") with a 10" opening to hold any of the things you might need that don't fit into the standard knife slots: clothing items for work or street clothes, keys, wallets, phones, measuring cups, small scales, piping tools, cutters, pastry scrapers...if you need it for work,  it will probably fit.

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